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13 Jul 2022

PSI Labs Featured in Politico: Why We Need to Standardize Cannabis Lab Testing Nationally

National politics-and-policy publication Politico published an article this week featuring PSI Labs and our Chief Operating Officer, Elisabeth Berry.

Here’s what’s in the spotlight: Earlier last week, a new data-driven report was published exploring the need to establish a national harmonized approach to  cannabis testing. This effort was the direct result of a multi-lab, multi-month collaboration and commitment to elevate the cannabis industry through more consistent testing. PSI Labs is incredibly thankful for the opportunity to work on this paper alongside our partners at The National Cannabis Lab Council (NCLC).

As the legal cannabis market continues to expand, and we approach the inevitability of federal legalization and interstate commerce, it is imperative that federal agencies address the numerous discrepancies among state testing requirements and develop a standardized testing regime. Adoption of national standards will advance public health and safety goals while also facilitating industry growth across the supply chain.

PSI Labs and NCLC are calling for a unified approach to testing that is based on data from participating laboratories and scientifically recognized standards. We propose standards for cannabinoid and terpene testing, microbiological contaminant testing and chemical contaminant testing, as well as formal guidelines for testing instrumentation, methodologies and assessing lab proficiency.

The Politico article is behind a paywall, but you can view NCLC’s white paper in full at the link below.

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